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1983 Fender Stratocaster Bowling Ball Marble Blue

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In 1983 Fender made 225 Marble Swirl Stratocasters offered in three finishes Red, Gold or Blue along with 75 Telecasters. These guitars were the originals in the swirl finish world. All done by Darren Johansen who you may later know for making the Ibanez swirl guitars for the original Vai Jems. If you are looking for one you know each one is unique and they are hard to find. This beauty has some unique markings with bright yellows, teal blues and deep black. It does not have the large gray areas you see on some. Very fine condition it has been played but still looks almost new. A small chip in the finish on the headstock as pictured just above the nut on the high side. Very minimal fret wear. A total keeper. It comes with the pictured brown lined Fender USA case that has one crack near the left latch. The only thing is lacks is the Free Flyte trem bar. All wiring stock with the two knob master volume and tone with a guard loaded input jack. Buy this one. Play this one! It is so damn cool. You deserve it.