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Lesson program update 3/10/2020

Posted by james on Mar 10th 2020

Over the last 9 years we have had a wonderful time providing a place that local music teachers can rent for studio space. Thousands of lessons bringing an opportunity to both teacher and student alike. Unfortunately due to concerns people have of spreading the Covid-19 we will be suspending this program for the indefinite future. Last week we began discussion and planning for this and set a few triggers which would make the policy happen. We have been urged to follow the lead of local school districts, large employers and universities in suspending our private lesson offerings as of today. 

If you are a student or want to learn to play please contact the instructors on our page. Most of them are set up to do video lessons and can still help you learn. Please keep supporting your teachers! This hysteria will end and they need your help at this time.

This was not triggered by any knowledge of contamination by any member of our staff, private instructors, students, subcontractors or clients. This has been suggested by the County, our insurance company and our own desire to offer a safe place for people to visit.

We will be emptying out all lesson rooms and doing a deep cleaning. At the time when we find it to be prudent to reopen the lesson room for teachers to rent we will invite all who have been teach at the store to come back.

For customers and staff alike we have three hand washing stations in the store. Two in bathrooms and one in our kitchen. We ask anyone who comes in to wash up. Hey it keeps the guitars cleaner anyhow and it enhances a safe environment. Other service industry companies in the region have been closing doors and it has become a real financial hardship that adds to the insecurity people here are facing. My goal is to stay open and try to keep our staff employed. We may switch to a more appointment driven retail environment for a while with a door knock situation. As said above we will ask you wash your hands and not to come in if you believe you are compromised.

Also the love of all things good please look at our website if you are in the need of anything we ship. We ship a lot and we are priced at a nationally competitive level. If you have questions please call us 206.397.4438 or email

Thank You