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Ed Sheeran is killing it right now.

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Take a look at the picture taken in my sauna and you will notice I am a creature of habit. That is the third Orange Tabby I have lived with named Sherman and anyone who has ever talked to me about guitars quickly learns that I have a collection of red "E series" Made in Japan Fender Telecasters. What does that mean? When were they made? The good folks at Fender compiled a list to guide us in the general build dates of these cool instruments. When was yours made? PS. I don't know how that Asher T Deluxe got in...

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Thanks to Eric from J. Rockett Pedals for this blog entry with information from Celestian Speakers. Good info on the Celestion site about speaker dating. I’m a speaker nut and there’s tons of misinformation out there. I happened to purchase a matched pair of 1968 Greenbacks in mint condition awhile back. Everyone who called on the speakers were reading the date codes wrong so they all passed on them. I knew my date codes and scored both speakers for $400 total and they are worth $500 each since they are mint! Ah, knowledge is power! So, if you get a...

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