Decoboom Redtail Stripe Telecaster Pickguard BCB

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Decoboom's Redtail Stripe pickguard features original artwork honoring the redtailed hawk, engraved on high-quality 3-ply acrylic.

For every design Decoboom creates, they do hours of careful research, drawing, and drafting to create an original piece which will complement your guitar.

The design is manufactured by engraving acrylic with carbide-tipped steel bits. They start with a custom-made 3-ply acrylic, which we then engrave using a rotary CNC engraver. They set the depth of the tool to engrave down through the top layer, revealing the contrasting color of the middle layer. By engraving, rather than printing, Decoboom creates a design with depth and contour--a work of art that will last through the ages.