RightOn! Jeans Cross Black Guitar Strap

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Leather and jeans always make a good mix. In this case it is especially notable. Two materials that look great with any style of pop, rock, grunge, country... This Cross Beige guitar and bass strap is a finely-crafted, vintage looking strap that has been made with an impeccable attention to detail.

The surface of this Cross strap is made of distressed denim, but the end tabs are made of leather, also the ornaments. One braided leather strip runs across the surface and is clamped with little strips of smooth leather, bound with metal rivets. The style this strap exudes will leave you hard-pressed to find anything better.

This strap is very comfortable, its padding is 5mm thick high-density latex covered by two layers of lycra, and the lining is made of microfiber, which allows moisture to dissipate, keeping you and your clothes dry.

The Cross strap is 6 cm wide, and has an adjustable length from 95cm to 150cm with the exclusive RAS adjustment system which lets you adjust the strap in a stylish and practical way. An added bonus: look for the new pickholder integrated in the back tab of the strap. The picks remain in their pockets firmly.