Death by Audio Apocalypse Fuzz

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Death by Audio has used their years of fuzz innovation to create a pedal which utilizes five unique fuzz circuits combined with a sweepable frequency equalizer yeilding one of the most usable and versatile fuzz tone shifters we've ever heard: the APOCALYPSE.

  • Volume - Controls the output volume of the pedal for either a blasting boost out of the mix when the pedal is engaged or taming the beast for bedroom gigs
  • Drive - Adjusts the input gain of the Apocalypse. Ranges from a mild boost to a full on fuzz. On some channels this knob has special effects
  • Sweepable frequency equalizer - An intense passive tone control that sweeps the output from a full bassy sound to a scoup to a mid hump to a brittle treble boost and with many beautiful subtleties inbetween

Fuzz Modes

  • Scoup - A unique EQ curve suited for heavy bass and treble at the same time. Good for palm muting metal and a whole lot more
  • Gainiac - Lots of beautiful sustain and harmonics on this channel. Cranked up it sounds like a huge stack of amplifiers
  • Square Wave - Clipping the waveform to create a nice balls to the wall distortion sound
  • Octavious - Fullwave Rectification creating a nasty octave up sound
  • Wave Form Shifter - Splatty and blown out unique fuzz sound maker