Death By Audio Echo Dream 2

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This is it. The most beautiful blissed out delay ever heard. You have entered the candy coated dream world of the Echo Dream 2.

The Echo Dream 2 is a lofi modulating delay pedal that can drive into fuzzed out insanity. The modulation can be set to give spacey chorus sounds or warbling bounces to robo- groove arpegiations in squarewave mode. The fuzz can range from subtle overdrive to ballsy fuzzstain and bring upon satans spawns to do the mopping up.

This is a new take on the Echo Dream circuit with additional knobs for Fuzz and Master Volume and reengineered with a cheaper price tag so all can bask in it's glory. Buy one today.

  • D-Time controls the time between the repeats of the echo circuit. It ranges between 20 ms and 1.2 seconds
  • FBack stand for Delay Feedback and controls the number of repeats after the initial echo. Turn this up to bring the pedal into self modulation
  • Switch between 50/50 Blend of dry signal when delay is max
  • Master sets the overall output volume
  • Fuzz controls the output gain of the pedal which ranges from crystal clear to overdrive to fuzz
  • Delay controls the level of the echo
  • Speed adjusts how fast the delay time modulates
  • Mod shape adjusts between sine and square wave
  • Depth determines how much the modulator modulates the D-Time