Death By Audio Echo Master Vocal Delay

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The master of echo. The Echo Master. Lo-fi and beautiful. This is the sound.

This vocal unit includes matched Bourns transformers on the input and output of hi quality Neutrik XLR jacks. The effects loop allows you to connect any additional effects to your voice to make this a universal tool for making vocals sound great live. The Send jack can also function as a ‘clean’ out to split your signal to both delay and natural signals.

The Echo Master is a very dark, analog tape sounding delay unit, with some noise and unlimited possibilities.

The Feedback control is very precise, allowing intense repeats to build past unity. This can create loud and beautifully dynamic effects.

Time controls the interval between repeats. The signal can degrade and create noise and distortion at longer delay times, as your sound gets pulled further and further apart.

The optional mic plate is made of high quality steel and rugged components. To install, simply replace the 4 philips head screws on the back of the unit and exchange the standard back plate for the mic stand mount. This option allows for effortless vocal manipulation with out forcing you to bend down or reach for a knob. Take total control over your voice.