Death By Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun

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Need to melt people's brains with supersonic chaos? Want a different sound than everyone else? For an endless amount of full, insane, buzz-sawing, jaw-dropping sounds, the Supersonic Fuzz Gun can do it all.

The Supersonic Fuzz Gun is a completely unique and huge-sounding pedal. The goal of the pedal was to make a fuzz with the capability of having an immense range of great and useable fuzz sounds. The controls are completely interactive with each other to give the wielder an infinite number of great tones. There are extremely (and we mean extremely) harsh sounds available and extremely (yes, we mean it again) warm sounds available. It does it all.


  • Bias: Changes the overall sound of the fuzzing
  • Density: Affects the frequency range going into the pedal
  • Fuzz: Increases the distortion of the signal
  • Filter: Filters out the high frequencies of the output and smooths out the insanity
  • Level: Controls the master output volume of the pedal
  • Gate/Oscillation: Switches between a gated fuzz tone and an oscillation fuzz sound