Decoboom Atomic Age Stratocaster Pickguard - White

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This pickguard is engraved with Decoboom's original Atomic Age design on high-quality white/black/white 3-ply acrylic material, for a precise fit on Fender Stratocaster guitars.

  • Screw Pattern: 11 hole
  • Pickup Configuration: HSS
  • Orientation: Right-handed

The Artwork

For every design Decoboom creates, they do hours of careful research, drawing, and drafting to create a piece which will complement your guitar. Then they create theartwork by reverse-engraving acrylic with carbide-tipped steel bits and painting the design by hand.

To explainin further detail, they start with a custom laminated acrylic made from two laminated parts--a thick glossy clear top with a thin opaque back layer. They reverse-engrave this material using a rotary CNC engraver, setting the depth of the tool to engrave through the opaque back layer, exposing the back side of the acrylic. The engraving may require multiple stages using various tools of different cutting profile or contour to create the desired effect.

The exposed engraving is then painted by hand, providing a deep three-dimensional appearance to the artwork. For guards with multiple colors, this process is repeated for each color.

Once the design is engraved and painted, the material is then flipped right side up to be cut on the CNC according to your specifications. Because the artwork of the pickguard was engraved and painted from the back, the design now appears to float like a three dimensional mountain in the glossy acrylic material, while at the same time it is completely protected from wear and tear.

Although it is a labor-intensive process, by reverse-engraving and painting the design, Decoboom creates a work of art with unmatched depth and contour that will last through the ages.