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Fuchs Plush Drive Overdrive Pedal


We recently purchased a 2013 time-capsule lot from a former dealer! This is a brand new pedal, but it was made around 10 years ago. Includes box, paperwork and power supply (if normally included)

Just because you can’t afford a boutique tube amp, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the chance to sound like you do!

The Plush® Drive was designed for those who want the true tone, response and feel of boutique tube amps like the Dumble, Two-Rock or Fuchs®, at a reasonable price. Call it your “Robben in a box”.

The unique 4-knob circuit gives you unprecedented control over the most important aspects of your tone.

On the input end, the gain and touch controls allow you to set just the right amount of distortion and pick response, based on your guitar and playing style.

On the output end, a subtle tone control and level control allow you to set both your overall lead tone and solo level.

A unique bi-fet integrated circuit and matched discrete FETs are designed to emulate the smooth overload and musical second order distortion of a tube circuit quietly, musically, and reliably.

Coupled to a good clean amp it’s awesome.

Add it to your amps overdrive for a super thick overdrive tone you won’t know how you lived without before.

Quiet enough to put in front of an overdriven amp easily.