Joe Parker Booshy Box Bolo Silicon Overdrive Fuzz

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Introducing the Booshy Box Bolo. The Bolo is a harmonically rich, heavy overdrive with a fuzz capability. Two silicon transistor-based gain stages cascade into one another creating a ton of tone. The controls pre and post act as one would expect on a master volume amp, the pre adding dirt and fizz with the post controlling overall volume. The fuzz control mixes in a section of clipping dioes which add dimensionality to the pedal's distortion tones. The fuzz fully engaged will reduce output which can be restored and expanded by turning up the post. In the highest setting of the pre, the signal is pinched into an almost velcro-like fuzz tone. The bolo overdrive gives fast and full response to chording. Harmonics seem to pop up and fill in between notes, creating exciting and fun tones to play with.