Joe Parker Booshy Box Gear 7 Germanium Fuzz

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The Gear 7 is a unique hybrid fuzz. The front end is a comprised of two NOS germanium transistors in a classic fuzz circuit generating a bold, vintage voiced fuzz. The second section features a jfet preamp/boost providing enough gain to really push an amp's front end.

The controls are simple: Volume, Fuzz and Bias. The bias controls voltage to the second (distorting) transistor. Clockwise yields a more compressed tone and counter clockwise sounds brighter and and more dynamic. It sounds killer full up but there are a host of fun tones throughout the range of settings. Rolling back your guitar's volume opens up a 'dirty clean' soundstage that is inspiring to play.

The Gear 7 is daisy chain friendly with standard boss type power supplies. The enclosures are hand etched, lacquered and buffed to a high gloss.