Joe Parker Booshy Box Sabre Silicon Fuzz and Distortion Pedal

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Sometimes a younger brother turns out bigger and badder than his older bro. Such is the case with the Sabre. Similar in operation to Bolo, both feature pre, post, and fuzz controls (with the fuzz blending in a section of clipping diodes). The difference in the circuits is this: the Bolo is a boost feeding into a boost and acts mostly as an overdrive. Sabre is an entire tonebender-type circuit followed by a boost and the aforementioned clipping diodes. The result is highly entertaining. For sheer power, it can't be beat. You can crank the knobs and happily go to town on it. There are also many shades of dirt to be found throughout the pedal's range. Sabre is excellent on bass as well. Its flexibility shines when dialing in bass fuzz tones.