Justin Kausal Hayes - Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Banjo


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Justin Kausal Hayes

Call Justin at 206.355.5952 to schedule a lesson.

One of the hardest working musicians in Seattle, Justin came running into the store one day as we were opening to ask if we wanted a teacher. We asked him to come back after he was done with his run and took a shower. An hour later, he showed up with a resume in hand. He now hosts a large flock of students here at the store. He teaches many styles of music and works great with beginners.

You can learn guitar, bass, or ukulele from the man. Look for him around town as he plays out almost every night as a solo act or with his band, 'Buckets of Rain and 'The True Romans'. He is also known to deliver the goods as his alter-ego, Frankie Finale.

Justin is in the store on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.