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May 2020 Update

As of today May 11, 2020 and until any further notice The Guitar Store will not be open for in store retail operations. We have been in negotiations to extend our lease with the development company that purchased the Seattle building in December of 2019. The terms they offered made little economic sense to us and we have been looking to find a new storefront in the Seattle area. We have had a number of other things happen that pushed me to the point where I feel that I have no choice but to close the retail store. In March a couple of days before the statewide COVID-19 shutdown we had a flood come from the city sewage line. This water damage has not been able to be addressed in part due to the shutdown. The city also decided this would be a great time to start a street project that currently leaves us with almost no access to the building. The sidewalk has been removed to a point that goes under the building. OK Seattle we get it. We will just pack up our 400 guitars, amps, 5000 in stock pedals and go pay our sales taxes elsewhere. Honestly I can not imagine hands on retail being strong for the foreseeable future anyhow. Guitars are tested in hand and that is hard to distance.

We will be shipping out of our Port Townsend warehouse. Note our record shop there will not be opening up for retail this summer either as we streamline the web business. If you wish to set up a pick up appointment out here it will make a great day trip from the city. If not we will pack your purchase up with care and ship it to your door. Many of our local customers may not be aware that the store has served the online shopping community since day one and in the past 4 years it has been the majority of our business.

You may pay with Paypal, most major credit cards, Amazon Pay or Affirm on our website. If you have trades and with to discuss please email . People with special order or Custom Shop instruments may have questions about your order. These are still in the build funnel though please not that the guitar builders have all had to shut down themselves during the COVID crisis. Your builds will take longer to make. Again email the sales email if you have questions.


I want to thank everyone who has been a supporter of our shop over the last 10 years. I would like to thank the teachers, repair partners and others who have worked their small businesses out of the shop. I need to thank the staff that have worked here, those who have made the move too. You all have been part of something. Unfortunately it seems these days are ending a lot of musical somethings. 

Note this has not been a happy decision to make but I am face few alternatives that make any sense at this time. I simply can not allow my business to be in a position to be deemed "Non essential"  by the state and face another very expensive closedown again. It has been a very substantial financial hardship that can be avoided.


I wish you all the best,

James Schultz- The Guitar Store