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Mesa Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator - 8 Ohm

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The CabClone is a passive cabinet simulator/speaker+mic alternative for use with Guitar amplifiers that allows direct interface of your guitar amp’s speaker output with a mixing console, microphone preamp or even direct to your converters (recorder). It’s also a compensated headphone driver that delivers a great sounding, great feeling headphone-friendly version of your amp’s tone that’s perfect for late night practice sessions or anytime you want to play without others listening.

  • Designed and Handcrafted in Petaluma, California, USA
  • Passive Design – No Power Supply Required
  • Built-In Internal Amp Load FOR AMPS RATED 150 WATTS OR LESS (auto-activates when no cable is connected to “Thru” Output)
  • 1/4" “Input” Jack (receives signal from amp's speaker output)
  • 1/4" “Thru” Output Jack (defeats to Internal Load when no cable is connected)
  • 3-Position Cabinet Voicing Switch - Open-Back, Closed-Back & Vintage Closed-Back Cabinet Simulations
  • Variable -30 to +4db DI Output Level Control with presets for Dynamic Mic Level (-30db), Instrument Level (-10db) & Line Level (+4db)
  • Balanced XLR Direct Output (controlled by the Variable DI Output Level Control)
  • Independent 1/4" +4 Line Level “Slave” Output Jack (exact signal from amp's speaker output, non-simulated)
  • Compensated Headphone Output Jack (defeats balanced outputs when used)
  • Phase Switch – Normal (In) or Reverse (180°)
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • Removable Tilt-Back Stand (for use over an amp handle)


  • 4 Ohm – For amps rated 150 watts or less
  • 8 Ohm (standard) – For amps rated 150 watts or less
  • 16 Ohm – For amps rated 150 watts or less
  • Dimensions (W/D/H): 6.7" x 6.40" x 2.30" without tilt-back stand (3.30” with tilt back stand) 170.18mm x 162.56mm x 58.42mm without tilt-back stand (83.82” with tilt back stand)
  • Weight: 2.4lbs (1.09Kg) WITH Tilt-Back Stand
/ 2.3lbs (1.04Kg) without Tilt-Back Stand