Orange TremLord 30 Combo Amp - Orange Tolex

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The TremLord 30 is our very British take on the 1950s amplifier. It’s a 30 Watt, 1×12 all valve guitar combo with two footswitchable valve driven tremolo speeds and a two spring reverb tank. Contrary to our other combos, we’ve worked with Italian speaker designer Lavoce to deliver a unique speaker able to deliver more headroom and the smoother top end required for the unique vintage tones of this amplifier while our carefully chosen EL84 output valves enable the unique British tone associated with Orange.

  • Features: 30 Watt, 1X12 all valve combo amplifier. Built in valve tremolo with two footswitchable speeds. Two spring reverb tank (footswitchable, on/off). Post-tremolo FX Loop. Italian designed Lavoce 12” speaker. Headroom (30/15 Watts) or Bedroom (2 Watts/1 Watt) Switch.
  • Controls (Right to Left): Volume, Bass, Treble, Speed (Tremolo), Speed (Tremolo, only engaged with Footswitch), Depth (Tremolo), Reverb
  • Output Power: 30 Watts/15 Watts, 2 Watts/1 Watts
  • Valves: Pre Amp – ECC81 (12 AT7) x 2, ECC83 (12AX7) x 3 Output – EL84 x 4
  • Speaker: 1 X 12" Lavoce Speaker
  • Extension Cabinet Options: Yes, see user manual.
  • Unboxed Dimensions (W x H x D): 57cm x 46cm x 28.5cm (22.44" x 18.11″ x 11.22")
  • Unboxed Weight: 24.09kgs (53.11lbs)