Blackstar FS-10 Foot Controller for ID Series Amplifier

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The FS-10 footcontroller gives you simple on-the-fly control of your ground-breaking ID:Series amplifier, allowing you to get the most from it in a performance situation. Access all 128 patches on your ID:Series amp, store patches, and activate effects all via the FS-10 footcontroller. With 3 operating modes and a clear LED display, you can quickly and easily navigate your ID:Series amplifier to select your presets. The FS-10 is powered by our ID:Series amp so there's no need for extra power supplies or cables. A regular guitar cable is all you need to connect your FS-10!

  • On-the-fly control of ID:Series amplifiers
  • 3 Modes for complete flexibility
  • Requires no external power supply
  • Connects with a regular guitar cable
  • Access and use the ID:Series chromatic tuner