Boomerang Chorus Delay Pedal

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Why run your great guitar & boutique amp through a typical, whimpy stomp box when you can have studio quality effects on your pedal board? Upgrade to a Rang E-155 Chorus Delay. E-155 Chorus Delay pedal has a wide range of gorgeous sounds that will satisfy the most discriminating tone hound. In mono the effects are rich and delicious, and in stereo they are huge and room filling.

  • 3 types of chorus: Classic, Shimmer & Lush.
  • 3 styles of delay: Clean, Tape & Reverse.
  • When used with a stereo rig, the Clean style provides a "ping-pong" delay.
  • 11 presets for storing your sounds.
  • Expression pedal controls overall effect level OR individual parameters (as many as you want).
  • Smoothly morphs between two completely different sounds.
  • Delay tail fades naturally after effect is turned off.
  • There are a variety of input & output routing options.
  • Presets can be recalled by MIDI Program Change commands from an external controller.
  • AirMix Output places wet and dry signals on separate outputs.
  • Legendary Boomerang reliability and mojo.
  • Rugged 9" x 6" x 2" steel chassis.