Casa Distortion PEDALpUNK! Pedal Recording Interface

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PEDALpUNK! is a 100% analog hardware audio interface that enables noise-free, transformer balanced, bidirectional communication between computers, Eurorack synthesizers, mixing consoles and guitar effects pedals. Insert any effects pedal or Eurorack module ever created into any hardware mixer or recording software channel path via aux bus or send & return matrix. FOCUS knob alters input impedance so effects pedals react to a computer's A/D interface as they were designed to react to a guitar. PEDALpUNK! features a custom-wound input transformer, gold Neutrik connectors and two stages of distortion and overdrive, which can be used to boost a weak signal or creatively mangle your audio beyond recognition. 100% Made in America by Casa Distortion, Inc.

The PEDALpUNK! offers a combi jack input and choice of XLR or TRS jack output, while pedals plug into the return/send effects loop. Return and send level controls can be used to overdrive pedals in the loop or the PEDALpUNK!’s input transformer respectively, while the focus knob allows players to adjust the input impedance of the signal at the send jack, useful for non-buffered, true bypass fuzz and distortion pedals.