Dunlop JHM6 Jimi Hendrix Octavio Fuzz Pedal

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Sporting the exact same circuit found in Jimi’s original “cheese wedge” Octavio Fuzz, this pedal not only provides the classic “octave up” e ect that Hendrix utilized so potently on tracks such as “One Rainy Wish,” and “Purple Haze,” but its amazingly touch-sensitive response will inspire you to venture into uncharted sonic territory. is modern rendering of a classic one-of-a-kind e ect features a status LED, true-bypass switching, a 9-volt power jack, and a much smaller Phase 90-sized enclosure emblazoned with colorful, iconic art from legendary rock artist Gered Mankowitz.

  • Jimi’s potent “octave up” fuzz sound
  • Includes on/o status LED & AC power jack
  • Featuring iconic Hendrix art from legendary rock artist Gered Mankowitz
  • Limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide