Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special Head Cocoa Bronco

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From its conception, the Lone Star series was targeted directly at exceeding players' expectations of both tone AND versatility from a vintage and/or modern boutique amp...without accepting compromise. Tonally, it must be experienced to believe as there are not enough adjectives to remotely do it justice. Simply put, the Lone Star is a sonic flood of Texas-sized proportions! The most ridiculously amazing cleans, classic breakup and high gain tones Mesa has ever offered in a single amplifier!

Since the series launched, the stylistic momentum of the Lone Star has been overwhelming. Players and reviewers alike have bestowed global accolades on this gem, including prestigious Editor’s Pick and Platinum Awards.

Introducing the Pure Class A, EL-84 Powered Lone Star Special featuring channel assignable power that allows you to assign 1, 2 or all 4 EL-84's to either of its 2 Channels for independent Power Ratings of 5, 15 or 30 Watts!

What sets the Lone Star Special apart from the Lone Star?

Lone Star Special Combo in Black Taurus and Cream Bronco with a Tan Grille.

Take the incredibly expressive pre-amp of the Lone Star with its intuitive versatility, add the vintage magic of EL-84’s running Pure Class A, and a new classic is born. Where its big brother, the Lone Star boasts the huge warmth and headroom of 6L6 power, the Lone Star Special delivers seductive, bubbly tone and a sensual, elastic feel. This Lone Star is short on weight, but tall on personality.

Authentic retro-tone is all about power and the way it clips

Authentic retro-tone is all about power and the way it clips. Yet in any given amp, the sweet-spot of power clip is inseparably tied to its wattage and playing loudness. The Lone Star Special smashes this age-old limitation by offering three distinct power configurations, each with its own window of wattage: 30, 15, or 5. Perfect Power. Per Channel. On Demand.

Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power offers three choices that may be pre-set for each channel. Push-pull configurations deliver 30 or 15 watts. For 5 watts, the Special switches to Single-Ended. Operation remains Pure Class A at all times.

30 Watts, bold and pure from all four power tubes punches through the mix and hangs with a band in mid-size venues. 15 watts cries the blues with sinful passion …coaxing expressive soul from an electron-soaked pair of EL-84’s. Both circuits run Pure Class A in a Push-Pull configuration. But what really makes this Lone Star Special is its ability to switch down to 5 watts of single-ended power bliss...more on circuitry.

The magic of push-pull circuits

Drive Control: Channel 2 Clean/Drive switch kicks in another triode tube stage for the high gain lead mode, or lets you bypass it entirely for a slightly higher gain clone of Channel 1.

In Push-Pull circuits, the second harmonic is cancelled out when the two halves of the wave-form are recombined in the output transformer. Unlike Push-Pull, Single-Ended circuits preserve this most musical of all harmonics. A subtle coating of warm distortion (an octave above the note you’re playing) glazes the entire spectrum with a purring, golden halo of precious nuance. Perfect for individual playing or recording. For a full description of this technology see Randall Smith's "Class A - Exposed and Explained" on the Amplitudes Blog.

Between the two Lone Stars, you can choose to clip your power at 5, 15, 30, 50 or 100 watts.

Home, studio, or gig ready - Finely tuned power for any venue

Lone Star Special with Tasmanian Blackwood cabinet and Tan Jute Grille. The inlay design is abalone with an abalone and Ebony wood Mesa logo! Choose from the extensive collection of Premier and Private Reserve hardwoods, to create the custom amp you've always envisioned - with a personalized inlay!

All this bouncy Class A tone blooms naturally in a trim, new 1x12 cabinet roughly ¾’s the size of its big brother Lone Star. And you can afford to pack both of these hand-crafted jewels for around the same bling-bling as a one-trick pony from the boutique corral. But don’t shop price – compare tone!

Gigging at the club… rehearsing with the band… recording in the studio… tracking at home… or simply finding inspiration late at night… the finely tuned power sections of the Lone Star Special transcend all these needs – going where no single amp has gone before.

  • Width: 22-3/4 in
  • Wattage: Multi-Watt 5, 15 or 30 (Channel Assignable)
  • Power Tube Type: 4x Mesa EL84
  • Channels & Modes: 2 Channels / 3 Modes
  • Mode Voicings / Styles: Ch. 1 = Clean, Ch. 2 = Clean or Drive (Mesa's Vintage Cascading Gain)
  • Reverb / FX / Solo: Reverb, FX Loop & Solo
  • Footswitchable Functions: Ch. 1/2 & Solo
  • Weight: 38 Lbs.