Miller Ampwerks Pine Street 22W 2x10" Combo Black

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What about those cool garage amps back in the day? You know, that old funky Silvertone or No Name mystery amp that sounded just right when the volume was on 10. How cool would it be to do a modern hand-built version that was stripped down, yet retained the cool vibe of those amps? Enter the Pine Street.

The Pine Street was named after an old school rock club from back in the day, and this amp has the same kind of attitude. Based on the venerable Brown Deluxe, this single channel beauty puts out a healthy 22 watts from two 6V6′s, fed through two 10″ speakers. This build uses a Jensen Falcon 10″ exclusively - they give a nice crunch when turned up, but still sound warm and full when clean. The control layout is just as simple: Volume, Tone and of course Tremolo. There are two inputs with different gain for each, so you can plug in either a Les Paul or a Strat and get a similar output and break up. Or you can just plug that ‘Paul into the hi gain input and forget about it.

The tremolo circuit is a modified later Tweed-style of Bias Modulation, and gets real juicy and strong. Miller also slowed down the speed a bit, as he likes it to be able to just throb. The emphasis was on getting the best tone with a select set of components. The Pine Street uses all Classic Magnetics transformers custom spec’d for this amp. Along with heavy-gauge bent aluminum chassis, turret construction features Tungsol reissue tubes, the amp plays clean and mean.

  • 22 watts
  • Fixed bias 6V6s
  • 2 Jensen 10" speakers
  • Clean and break up from the dual gained inputs
  • Bias mod tremolo
  • Baltic birch finger joint cabinet
  • Volume, tone, speed & intensity controls
  • Includes footswitch