Miller Ampwerks Vortex Black & Gold Head

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Miller has spent lots of time repairing and restoring a number of vintage Vox AC30s. After getting to play around with them, he started to get what people love about the venerable Vox. They have a chime and voice that is unique can’t be duplicated with a Marshall or Fender amp. With all the work done with the Pine Street, Miller thought 6V6s might be a nice departure from the typical EL84-based designs. Was he ever right, this 6V6 based top boost-based circuit is easily one of the nicest and most responsive amps we've ever played. If you think only EL84 tubes can chime, think again. There is plenty of top-end chime in this amp, but goes where no small bottle tube can. This circuit also has a low and mid range authority, that you just can’t get from the skinny bottles.

The design utilizes custom spec Heyboer power transformers, that will also support the use of 5881 tubes, to bump the output from 24 watts to around 30 watts. It utilizes an upgraded ClassicTone output transformer with multiple output taps to run any load from 4-16 ohms. With a larger lamination stack, it also doesn’t saturate as much giving the low-end solid footing, even when dimed.

The Vortex also uses custom-built aluminum chassis, with pressed-in hardware and welded corners. This is a light-weight but very strong chassis. As with all Miller Amps, the board is hand built with double turrets and top quality parts. All Mil-spec 1% metal film resistors, F&T electrolytic caps and Mallory M150 film coupling caps. All critical components are over-spec’d to give cool running and reliable performance for many years.

The small single 12″ speaker cabinet comes loaded with a Weber 65 watt Legacy speaker, done to Miller's specs. The speaker, along with the semi-closed back cabinet give an airy top end and lots of low end punch.

Note: This is the head for sale only, the cabinet is sold separately.