Mr. Black Trance Portal Shimmer Echo Pedal

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Don’t be afraid… Open the door…

Prepare to embark on the journey through space, time, and surreal sonic bliss with the TrancePortal. All Mr. Black pedals are designed and handmade in the pacific-northwest; in the industrial “south-easy,” Portland, OR. The TrancePortal glides alone within the vast cosmos of effects and while it seems very simple to operate, it can truly throw you for a loop. The trick is to just relax, open up and let the sound whisk you away to the hypnagogic wonderland it knows best.


  • Dim the lights and light a candle. This isn’t a normal pedal, and this certainly isn’t a normal night.
  • Plug your instrument into the input jack (right side of the pedal) and your amp into the output jack (left side of the pedal).
  • Start with all the knobs set straight up and down.
  • Depress the footswitch, strike a chord and follow-up with something minor.


  • Lightly modulated echo with just the right amount of shimmer mixed in
  • Approx. 20 – 650mS echo time
  • True-bypass
  • 9VDC power (2.1mm negative center pin adapter) or internal 9V battery