Seymour Duncan SLS-1 Lipstick Tube Stratocaster Middle RWRP

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This is the RWRP, reverse wind reverse polarity, version of our Lipstick Tube for Strat. As a middle pickup, it will give you hum canceling when combined with the neck or bridge pickups in positions 2 & 4. It uses the same materials and construction as our Danelectro Lipstick replacement, but is modified to be a drop-in for any standard sized Strat slot. What you get is a unique combination of Strat bounciness and Dano crispness. The tone is sharp and jangly, and is great for all types of clean tone rhythm playing. Leads have a snarly breakup when overdriven, and are full of bright grittiness. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Lipstick Tube uses an alnico 6 bar magnet, and a classic looking Danelectro style Lipstick Tube cover that has been slightly reduced in size to fit a Strat slot. We have also modified the mounting bracket so that it mounts like any iother Stratocaster pickup. Comes with 2-conductor shielded lead wire, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal free operation.