Solid Ground Stands Walnut Guitar Stand

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Handcrafted from premium hardwood, this folding guitar stand has a strong feel and yet an elegant look that will complement your guitar's natural appeal in any environment. Solid Ground's patent pending design holds your valued guitar securely from the headstock and provides a solid 3-point stance that remains stable even on an uneven floor. Rare earth magnets assist with holding the stand in either its closed or open position.

Each Solid Ground Stand is finished with natural looking hand-rubbed oil and wax. This achieves a durable finish with a nicely subdued sheen and a silky feel. All surfaces in contact with your guitar are covered in genuine suede leather.

    • secure hold
    • stable 3-point stance
    • folding/portable design
    • premium hardwood
    • natural oil finish
    • genuine suede leather
    • includes drawstring carry bag

Put your guitar on Solid Ground today!

Please Note:
While the photos shown here are a very good representation of the appearance of each species of hardwood used to craft these stands, keep in mind these are natural materials, and there will be some variation in color and grain.

These stands have been on display on our floor and the padding may show signs of imprinting from having guitars in them.