Tone Freak Abunai X Overdrive Pedal

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Abunai X comes from a different direction than the classic OverDrive circuit the Abunai 2 originated. The Abunai X is not a "new and improved" Abunai 2... it stands entirely on it's own. The Abunai X has a reworked tone section, grittier gain, different Op Amp, and a 3-Way clipping section that includes a MOSFET for extra beef.

For those who want to inject some aggression into your clean amp or juice an already driven one, the Abunai X has plenty of gain that won't flub-out when you hit the low notes. With 3 clipping sections to choose, you'll find it hard to select a favorite. This versatile box will work with a variety of different amp types from classic British to American tones.

As with all of Tone Freak's products, the Abunai X is built to withstand the rigors of the gigging and touring musicians.