Used 1962 Fender Bassman Blonde Head and 2x10" Speaker Cabinet

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A classic Bassman with the 6G6B circuit. It had a dogbone handle on it, once upon a time, which has since been replaced by a sturdy new handle. The power transformer is a Mercury Magnetics, pushing 5881s and Tung-Sol tubes where it matters. The black plate in V1 is nice and woody, perfect for that channel. V3 has a gray plate that has great vintage sparkle. A hole in the back for signal-out has been modded to be for bias adjustment.New power supply filter capacitors have been installed, yet it has an all-original signal path. The original cable has been replaced by a three-prong. The cab is by Bob at Beaverbottoms and has 2x10" vintage Jensen C10N speakers with original cones.