Used ARP Odyssey Mk. 1 2800 White Panel

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Odyssey Mk I (Model 2800)

First came the Odyssey Mk I (Model 2800) produced between 1972-75. These used a smooth but tinnysounding 2-pole voltage-controlled filter design (model 4023) similar to those used in the Oberheim SEM modules. From 1972 to 74 the Odyssey was produced with a white-faced front panel with black lettering. During 1974 to 75 they switched to a redesigned black front panel with gold lettering. However, all Mk I's can be identified by the rotary knob they use for pitch bending. None had any interface jacks, but a factory modification was available to add interface jacks as well as a PPC pitch bender in place of the rotary knob.

While in general good working order, as with all vintage synthesizers, you're going to want to take this to a qualified service technician to ensure it is up to perfectly optimal operating condition. This one has had an LED modification to the sliders, CV switch, high pass bypass switch, gate triggers added, mods done by CMS Discreet Synthesizers.