Used Korg PS-3100 Synthesizer

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The PS-3100 Analogue Synthesiser has monstrous polyphony - one built-in VCO, VCF, VCA, and EG for each of the keys on the keyboard for a total of 48 synthesizer circuits and polyphony! It's VCF has three resonant filters, plus there's a ring modulator, tremolo modulator, and LFO. However it lacks some rather basic features you would like such as patch memory.

Its successors, the PS-3200 and PS-3300 have far greater potential, but the PS-3100 is the only one which is built as a single compact personal synthesizer with its built-in keyboard. The modules are completely separate and inter-connected using Korg's standard patching system. You create sounds by patching and twisting knobs, very similar to Korg's MS-series.

This PS-3100's oscillators work properly, but there are some operating quirks, as with nearly any synthesizer this age. For optimal use, we do recommend that you have a qualified technician go through the unit thoroughly to resolve any outlying issues and give it a clean bill of health. There are some minor cosmetic blemishes, which can be seen in the photos.

Shipping will cost $400 within the continental U.S. in order for it to be crated and sent away properly. Any damage during shipment will not be our responsibility. We will require the buyer to contact us before purchase to make these arrangements to ensure the safe delivery of this unit.