Z.Vex Vexter Fuzz Probe

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The Fuzz Probe is a kind of cross between a theremin and a fuzz factory. There is a 3 5/8" antenna plate mounted on a chunk of 3/8" clear acrylic that passes over the top of the pedal housing, angles down to sharp turn, and goes back to the pedal. Under the whole mess is a 3 5/8" by 7" sheet of aluminum that provides shielding from annoying ground effects and wires under the stage. It also serves to protect the knobs from being knocked off if you drop it on them... and it makes a nice toe chopper if you are barefoot...

The antenna plate projects a field of RF energy that is affected by your foot (or other appendage), altering the circuit that generates it, and in so doing, increasing the brightness of that LED on the top of the pedal and also controlling the Stability (Stab) knob on the back. This lets you select your favorite squealy Fuzz Factory setting and then mess around with the stab knob with your foot and create little melodies and interference modulations with your guitar.

Let's say you set the knobs (face them straight on to do this) to vol=9 o'clock, gate=7 o'clock, comp=10 o'clock, drive=noon, and stab=7 o'clock. By the way, to get the widest range for the probe control, be sure to leave the stab knob on 7 o'clock. The probe adjusts the stab knob from wherever it is set, upwards toward the most clockwise position as you get closer to the antenna. It you set the stab knob more clockwise, say, to select a favorite pitch to start from, the probe will let you raise that pitch up to the top as you get closer. If you put the stab knob at the top, at 5 o'clock, all the way up, the probe will do nothing. That's cause it is made to adjust that knob from wherever it is set to the top, and if it is already at the top, then no adjustment takes place.

Start With Those Settings and Follow These Rules

  • Plug in (input and battery switch is on right). Turn your guitar volume slightly down. Just a little.
  • Make sure your guitar cords are AWAY from the antenna. They will mess with the probe just like your foot does.
  • The pedal will be squealing (if it's not, stomp on it until it is). You can adjust the pitch of the squeal with your foot.
  • Use the volume control on your guitar to adjust the blend of the pitch effect and guitar fuzz.
  • Noodle with the settings (other than the volume control, they all affect the pitch and tone).

Battery & Power Supply

The Fuzz Probe can be powered with a 9V battery or any standard filtered/regulated musical 9VDC power supply with a Boss-style connector (negative-tip barrel connector).