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Quimper Electronic Systems Retrofier Roadtripper Black Guitar Combo Amplifier

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  • Super low noise
  • All analog - No digital circiuts - Zero latency
  • Industry changing analog Solid-State-Tube circuit developed by QES gives it classic tube style tone and dynamics
  • Very high quality tremolo circuit with wide range rate and depth
  • Built-in metal speaker stand adapter
  • 8" Jensen speaker
  • Wide band spring reverb
  • Professional quality 3 band constant-Q tone control(EQ)
  • 18 watt (tube equivalent power) QES "Solid-State-Tube" power amplifier
  • VERY lightweight and portable - approximately 15 Pounds/6.8 kg
  • Small and light enough to travel as a carry-on airline bag
  • Can be powered anywhere in the world using simple adapters or by changing the line cord
  • Tone characteristics and input level configurable by custom order
  • No dangerous voltages as found in tube amps
  • Maintenance free
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed, engineered, and hand assembled in the USA