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Think of the The Guitar Store as your personal roadie crew, staffed by our luthiers and amp technicians, here to maintain and enhance your stringed instruments and amplifiers. Our master-level craftsmen have rebuilt or maintained vintage and modern instruments from Fender, Marshall, Gibson, Guild, Dumble, Divided By Thirteen, Gretsch, Trainwreck, Martin and countless others. In the last year alone, we have served Jeff Fielder, Pixies, Death Cab For Cutie, Mike Squires of Duff McKagen's Loaded and Harvey Danger, Queensrÿche, Pete Anderson, Walking Papers, and countless other local bands. We've seen it all. We also have a professional relationship as an authorized warranty service center for the brands we carry and more.

Don't fret! Let's get you playing again. Call us at 206.397.4438 or email us

Note: All incoming instruments must be brought in with a gig bag or case for its protection.

SERVICE ESTIMATES (based on an $75 per hour shop rate)

  • Set-up - $75
  • Restring and clean steel string - $25
  • Restring and clean nylon or 12-string - $35
  • Fret-mill - $75 (plus required setup)
  • Bone nut - $75 (plus required setup)
  • Bone saddle (acoustic) - $75 (plus required setup)
  • Re-fret - starting at $350
  • Pickup drop in - $50
  • Install acoustic pickup - $60 - $90
  • Floyd Rose vibrato work is extra
  • Guitar inspection and appraisal - $35
  • Rush jobs are available for additional fee, variable depending on repair load.
  • Click HERE for Amp repair
Dave Thurston
Dave Thurston - our in-house tech at your service.
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Disclaimer: This is by no means a complete list of services. These are estimates for labor only and do not include parts or materials. The actual cost is based on billed time. Services performed are guaranteed to satisfaction. Honor of this guarantee is through labor at no additional charge. Additional parts and services are subject to additional charge. All instruments and situations are unique, so each one must be handled and priced accordingly. There may be some jobs that we feel better recommending other local professionals to work on this is in your best interest. The Guitar Store is not responsible for any damage claims made after the instrument has left the store. Any instrument left in our possession for more than 90 days after work has been completed will be assumed as property of The Guitar Store and will be resold to recover repair costs owed.