Used Trump Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Sunburst

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Finally, a guitar to set the 1%'s hearts all atwitter! Whether you want to impress the ladies, your friends, or small, easily swayed Nations in the Baltics, this guitar is for you. It screams power! It screams fame! It screams "I am compensating for something, but I have more money than God, so screw you!"

This is, officially, the most expensive guitar in the World! Perfect for Saudi Royalty and Russian Oligarchs alike. Buy this guitar at this price, and we will include everything else in the shop for free! Better yet, hit us up for a 15% coupon, and save a cool $150 million. Build yourself a yuge wall of sound. Covfefe.

- Brian


Seriously if you buy this guitar  as list price I will give you the rest of the store.

If you find yourself in our fair city, please stop by and try this out for yourself! We love gear and we love our customers even more. We're located at 8300 Aurora Ave N, Seattle WA.

Condition: Used
Modifications: Pickups have been replaced
Color: Sunburst
Finish: Lacquer
Pickguard: Black
Fretboard Wood: Rosewood
Frets: 22
Inlay: Dots
Bridge: Six saddle with vibrato
Electronics: Two humbuckers
Controls: Three-way pickup selector with independent tone and volume controls