Wolfetone T-Top Humbucker Pickup Set

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In 1967, Gibson Guitars introduced the "T-Top" pickup that replaced the Patent Applied For and "Patent Number" pickups of the late 50s and early 60s.  These lasted until about 1980.

The T-top differed in construction from it's predecessors mainly in that is used a different wire for it's coils, being insulated with a polyurethane insulation.  This gave a quicker response to pick attack than the P.A.F. and a brighter overall tone.

Using T-Top replica bobbins made of the same materials and the original wind patterns, Wolfetone has recreated the venerable T-top as closely as possible wiith this limited run of 60 pickups.

All T-Top pickups have an output of 7.5-7.8k.  There is no differentiation between the neck and bridge pickups.